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The Best Code Review Tools in 2024

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Written by Cherlock Code

Cherlock Code

5 April 2024

Elevating Code Quality: Exploring the Best Code Review Tools.

As the software development landscape continues to evolve at a rapid pace, code review has become an increasingly vital process for maintaining the integrity and quality of codebase. In 2024, developers are embracing a new generation of code review tools that not only identify issues but also empower teams to collaborate, streamline their workflows, and deliver exceptional software.

This article delves into the top code review tools that are transforming the way developers approach code quality in the coming year. From feature-rich platforms offering comprehensive analysis to intuitive interfaces that foster seamless collaboration, these best-in-class tools are reshaping the development landscape and enabling teams to produce robust, efficient, and maintainable code.

Whether you're an experienced developer or part of a growing team, the best code review tools of 2024 provide the essential capabilities to elevate your software development process.



When it comes to the best code review tools in 2024, DeepScan stands out for its rigorous approach to static code analysis, focusing primarily on JavaScript and TypeScript projects.

By excelling at detecting a wide range of issues, from common bugs to complex patterns that could lead to runtime errors, DeepScan's intuitive interface and detailed reports make it an indispensable tool for developers aiming to elevate their code quality.



As one of the best code review tools in 2024, Codebeat offers a polyglot code review service, supporting multiple programming languages.

Designed for both small teams and large enterprises, Codebeat provides valuable insights into code quality and complexity, empowering developers to maintain high standards of code quality without sacrificing speed through its automated pull request reviews and comprehensive metrics.



Scrutinizer is a powerful tool that combines static code analysis with code metrics to provide a holistic view of your project's health.

Supporting a wide array of languages and integrating seamlessly with existing workflows, Scrutinizer is known for its ability to improve code quality and optimise performance, making it a favourite among developers looking for in-depth analysis and one of the best code review tools in 2024.



Amidst the best code review tools of 2024, CodeFactor shines in its simplicity and effectiveness.

By automatically reviewing and grading your code based on its quality and complexity, and supporting several popular programming languages,

CodeFactor offers quick feedback on pull requests and commits, helping teams catch and fix issues early in the development process.



Codacy simplifies code review by automatically identifying issues in every commit and pull request, offering insights into code quality, security vulnerabilities, and code duplication.

With its customisable code patterns and seamless integration with development workflows, Codacy emerges as a versatile tool for teams of all sizes, solidifying its position as one of the best code review tools in 2024.



Unique among the best code review tools in 2024, CodeScene goes beyond traditional code review by analysing the "social" aspects of your codebase.

By identifying hotspots, code that's prone to errors, and areas that could benefit from refactoring, and focusing on how your team interacts with the code, CodeScene offers unique insights into improving code health and team productivity.


To conclude, the best code review tools of 2024 are empowering developers and teams to elevate their code quality, streamline workflows, and deliver exceptional software.

Tools like DeepScan, with its rigorous static code analysis, and Codebeat, offering a versatile polyglot solution, have emerged as standouts in the industry. Scrutinizer's comprehensive approach to code metrics and performance optimisation, coupled with CodeFactor's simplicity and speed, have solidified their positions as must-have code review solutions.

Meanwhile, Codacy's ability to simplify code review for teams of all sizes, and CodeScene's unique focus on the "social" aspects of codebase, showcase the innovative strides being made in the code review tool landscape.

These best-in-class solutions are redefining how developers approach code quality, enabling them to catch issues early, improve collaboration, and ultimately, create more reliable and maintainable software.

As we move forward into 2024 and beyond, the best code review tools will continue to be instrumental in empowering development teams to write cleaner, more secure, and more efficient code.

By embracing these powerful platforms, organisations can ensure their codebase remains a source of strength, positioning them for success in an ever-evolving technological landscape.

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